Our Community Fair Trade Loofah supplier ¡V Poligono, in Honduras - has completed their build ahead of schedule and the children of the 38 families in San Jose de la Llorona have been enjoying their first days of lessons in their new school and no longer have to walk 5km each day to go to school.

The school was opened by the Bishop and Mayor of the local community, with a party for all the families to celebrate its opening! The Mayor also handed out new school bags to all of the children attending the new school.

Senora Maria Isabella Caellero lives in the community of San Jose de la Llorona

¡§Education means you can get a job, but only if you finish school; my children will finish school. My mother wasn¡¦t educated and I see that illiteracy brings great hardship. When you can read, things are open to you.¡¨

Delyly Johana Escobar, sixth grade student:

¡§I hope you are well. I am writing to thank you for our school that you have given to our community. I want to thank you a lot because today I don¡¦t have to walk a long way anymore or suffer the danger of the walk. Thank you to God and you.¡¨

Renan Ely Urias Diaz, teacher at the new school:

¡§The parents have already said how pleased they are that I am able to give the children the bread of knowledge. Thank you to everybody and hoping we can continue to count on your support. God bless you, may you have much success in your lives¡¨

The construction of the four remaining schools in Nepal, India and Ghana are well underway and we hope to share more updates soon on their progress.

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