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HIV/AIDS awareness
stop violence in the home

Yes Yes Yes To Safe Sex!

Get your hands on our lip smacking, tongue twirling, can’t stop licking, mmmoistening, give it to me right, oh so fruity lip butter!


You can’t tell if someone has HIV. Most people look and feel fine for years after infection. Someone can spread it without even knowing they have it. HIV can’t be cured but it can be prevented. Always use a condom, it helps to protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


Last year, over 2.5 million people became infected with HIV and research shows us that every day there are over 7,400 new HIV infections. According to UNAIDS 2008 figures, nearly half are aged between 15 and 24.


Purchase a new, Limited Edition Tantalising Lip Butter at $10.90 and all profit from the sale of each Tantalising Lip Butter will go to the Staying Alive Foundation* and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre*.


The money raised will go to the Staying Alive Foundation and the One Life Fund administered by Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre to help raise awareness and educate the public on HIV/AIDS. The Staying Alive Foundation funding supports various incredible groups of young people around the world, who are battling to keep friends, families and communities safe from the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS. To find out more about the award recipients benefiting from campaign support or become involved with
the Foundation, visit


The Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre is a community-based hospital project first established in 1997 to assist with looking after the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS. Funds will be used to raise awareness and to educate the public on HIV and AIDS. In Singapore, donations go towards Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre’s One Life Fund which provides bursaries to children and youth infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. It will also support the Patient Worker Scheme. To find out more about Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre or become a volunteer by in helping others learn about the risks of HIV and AIDS, visit

This campaign will also be supported by advertising running on MTV Networks International and web activities at

Click here to view the Yes Yes Yes To Safe Sex TV commercial (Flash video format).

Click here to view the video recording of MTV VJs Denise Keller and Utt at The Body Shop® Bugis Junction (QuickTime format).

Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!

*All money raised goes to Staying Alive Foundation, US-registered charity number 200957052, and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund - Patient Care Centre unique entity number T00CC1465L.


HIV/AIDS awareness


Move Your Lips was our 2008 global campaign with MTV to spread the word about HIV and AIDS, and to educate youth about the importance of prevention against HIV infection.

Launched on 27 March, our awareness campaign runs across 56 markets around the world, and aims to raise awareness and much needed funds for global grant-making and advocacy organisation the Staying Alive Foundation.

In Singapore, we support local charity Action for AIDS (AfA), who have been working to stop the spread of the deadly disease through advocacy and education.

You can still do your part to help prevent the spread of HIV by visiting any The Body Shop store and asking about our campaign. Or find out which stores still sell our limited edition, preservative-free Guarana Lip Butter. Not only does the Guarana Lip Butter protect delicate lips, its delicious fruit fragrance and natural ingredients, including Community Trade shea butter from Ghana and organic beeswax from Zambia, will restore moisture to your gorgeous puckers so they’re ready to do the talking.

Proceeds from the sale of the Guarana Lip Butter will go directly to our two campaign partners, funding HIV awareness and prevention programmes, as well as counselling and anonymous testing services for young people in Singapore and around the world.

Find out more about this exciting campaign by visiting the Move Your Lips campaign website.


In 2007, The Body Shop International partnered MTV International for the first time in a global campaign to create awareness about HIV prevention and the AIDS epidemic. Called Spray to Change Attitudes the campaign, targeting youth aged 15-24, launched in 48 markets around the world on 29 January 2007.

Through the sale of the special edition Rougeberry Eau de Toilette, we helped to raise over £430,000 for the Staying Alive Foundation. These funds went directly to the Staying Alive Foundation Awards which gave small grants to 85 young people to mobilise HIV prevention efforts - educating their peers and influencing and inspiring others to think about HIV and AIDS.

Aided by the inspiring and unswerving support and publicity that MTV gave the campaign on-air, online and on the ground, The Body Shop were able to bring our campaign message to our customers using a multi-platform marketing and PR approach. In Singapore, MTV video jockeys Utt and Fazura showed their support through campaign publicity and a video shoot that took place in our Plaza Singapura store. This promotional video was subsequently aired on MTV Asia.


stop violence in the home


In 2008, Stop Violence in the Home ran in 56 markets. Since the first campaign was launched, more than £2.6 million have been raised. These funds are vital in the fight to stop domestic violence, but fundraising is only half the story of what the campaign has achieved. Bold, innovative, groundbreaking, even law changing, the achievements of employees and customers in raising awareness and changing attitudes has been truly remarkable.


With more than one in three women being affected by some form of violence in the home in their lifetime, The Body Shop couldn’t not sit back and do nothing.

Launched in 2003, Stop Violence in the Home is our international campaign to affect real change in the communities we operate in around the world. Last year, the campaign ran in 48 countries, raising over £700,000 for local charities. In total we have donated over £2.5 million to campaign partners since we launched the global campaign five years ago.

In Singapore, we have been running Stop Violence in the Home since 2004. Last year, we worked with the Centre for the Promotion of Alternatives to Violence, or PAVe, for the second consecutive year. As with the previous year, we donated profits from sale of our fundraising products, the Hi-Shine Lip Treatment and Daisy Soap, to PAVe. More than $50,000 in funds has enabled PAVe to continue to run programmes that raise awareness about child survivors of family violence.

Leveraging on the Ministry for Community, Youth and Sports’ outreach programme to primary schools via an interactive skit called ‘Say No to Family Violence’, PAVe handled questions from the student audience, and also shared information on the support available to children experiencing domestic violence.

Children were encouraged to participate in a booth activity where a "good hands, bad hands" banner and collaterals were used to reinforce ‘anti-violence’ messages. The project was a success with PAVe reaching out to 11 primary schools and more than 14,000 students from March to July 2007. The activities will continue throughout 2008.


We shifted our focus on women to children, the “forgotten victims of domestic violence” in 2006. While it is widely accepted that growing up around domestic violence is a devastating experience for many children, worryingly little was known about the full extent of the problem.

The Body Shop created a partnership with the United Nations to find some answers. The result was the joint report, Behind Closed Doors - The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children, developed by UNICEF, The Body Shop and the United Nations Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children. This work on the impact of domestic violence on children was included in the United Nations Secretary General's Study on Violence Against Children, which was presented to the UN General Assembly in October 2006.

Our exploration into the issue led us to uncover some shocking data, including the fact that an estimated 275 million children are currently exposed to violence in the home. Even so, this is only a conservative estimate. The research provided what we believe was the first, critical step towards a fuller picture of how many children are exposed to violence in the home.

The report found that directly or indirectly exposed to domestic violence, the physical, sexual or psychological abuse of a parent or caregiver, a child’s physical, emotional and social development could be severely affected, both during childhood and later in life.

Through our campaign in Singapore, The Body Shop worked closely with charity partner the Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVe) for the first time, raising awareness and inspiring action among customers and teachers to help create a brighter future for children affected by domestic violence.

The funds we raised through sale of the Mint Care Lip Care Stick and Daisy Soap were used to organise educational programmes in schools reaching out to teachers and children. PAVe were successful in guiding teachers in identifying children suffering from domestic violence. The activities held in schools also worked towards encouraging students who are living with violence in the home to speak up about their experiences and to seek assistance.


The Body Shop Singapore joined 43 markets around the world in 2005 to launch the Stop Violence in the Home campaign. We sold a specially developed campaign product to raise funds for campaign partners AWARE (Association for Women for Action and Research) and SCWO Star Shelter (Singapore Council for Women’s Organisations). For the second year running, we donated proceeds from our fundraising items to support the ‘Befrienders’ and ‘Rebuild’ programmes. Minister of State for Community, Youth and Sports Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon endorsed the campaign by attending our press launch as guest-of honour, and she also praised The Body Shop for activism in recognising domestic violence as a community issue.


To raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence here in Singapore, The Body Shop Singapore joined forces with AWARE and SCWO Star Shelter to launch a major campaign called ‘Help Stop Violence in the Home’, in 2004.

The campaign aimed to increase awareness of a problem that affects one in three women in their lifetime, and to raise funds for two services that our campaign partners ran. In total, we raised £10,000 for the ‘Befrienders' programme by AWARE, which offers support, help and information to women who are experiencing family violence, as well as the ‘Rebuild’ programme by SCWO Star Shelter which helps victims get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.