Arber Hair & Body Wash


Arber Hair & Body Wash

There's no need for shampoo and conditioner with this invigorating, head-to-toe cleanser, leaving skin with a subtle yet distinctive woody and sensual Arber fragrance. Organic camomile oil soothes and softens.




200 ml

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    Squeeze onto the palms of your hands or onto a The Body Shop Bath Lily and massage over your body and hair. Rinse thoroughly.

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    Organic camomile extract - Soothes the skin.

    Camomile oil - Soothes the skin. Is known for its calming benefits.Provides small-scale rural farmers with a fair price, resulting in the revitalisation of the local economy and sense of community.

    Panthenol - Helps to moisturise the skin and condition the hair.

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