Spa of the World™ Body Mask Brush


Spa of the World™ Body Mask Brush

Enhance your home spa experience with this specially designed body brush. This accessory allows you to get closer to your skin and applying the perfect amount of your favourite body mask – ideal for use with one of the Spa of the World™ body clay masks.

• Ideal for use with body clay masks from the Spa of the World™ range
• Enhances the spa experience
• For smooth, even application
• FSC Ash wood from Northern China





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    Apply a thin layer of your body mask of choice onto dry skin using the Body Mask Brush in long upwards strokes. Remember to wash your Body Mask Brush with warm water as soon as you are finished to keep it clean and in a good condition.

    • Expert tip: “The Body Mask Brush allows ease of product application, with the added benefit of a relaxing all over sensation to make you feel like you are truly at a spa.” - Vanda Serrador, Facialist and Body Care Expert for The Body Shop

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